The CSA pickup will be at the farm in Enfield on Tuesday

Back after a one year hiatus, the CSA is back with a few changes.  There will be one box size (for returning CSA members the size will be between the full and the partial shares, with a price to match), and one day for pickup, Tuesday.  Please see the application for more changes.

What is a CSA, otherwise known as Community-Supported Agriculture? This model of farming-for-you provides food direct from the farm to you for the growing season. You pay upfront for a share, or subscription, and Blue Ox Farm does the rest. Each week, you get a new box of seasonally appropriate vegetables. The box contents vary throughout the season, depending on what is growing. Eating seasonally brings its own reward, connecting you and your family with Blue Ox Farm as the vegetables ripen and are tucked into your box.

Application for Blue Ox Farm CSA 2017 – March 20


What will be in your share?

Each week, we will provide a selection of seasonal vegetables in your box.

Looking at the growing season by month, June’s box will be mostly green (lettuces and cooking greens), a welcome relief from the grey and white of winter. July will start with greens and end with a large variety of summer vegetables as the weather warms (those tomatoes should start rolling in the first or second week of July). During August and the first half of September, boxes will continue that bounty, Weather permitting, there will be melons in your box by the end of August. As the leaves fall and autumn arrives, we will continue to include tomatoes and lettuce as long as possible, then shift to winter squash, onions, garlic, carrots, and other storable vegetables.

Blue Ox Farm is in its 16th year, the Blue Ox Farm CSA is entering its 8th year.

We estimate that CSA members have saved 15-21% over retail the past several years.  We try for 16 weeks of tomatoes and lettuce, as seen in the examples below, this does not always happen, even though the tomatoes are in a heated greenhouse, getting tomatoes by mid June is problematic.

4colorsealJPG organic USDA

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